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Deesha Protein Chocolates 9


Net Wt : 120gms

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Deesha Fortified Protien Chocolates–Give your body the tastiest dose of healthy proteins. An avg man needs 56 gms and woman needs 46 gms of protein each day. Now you can easily get 15 gm of protein with just 5-6 portions of chocolates.   Whenever Sweet and energetic  cravings   strike s , you can reach  out for a Deesha fortified protein chocolates. We look at cacao like a winemaker looks at grapes. Our job is to discover and highlight the most interesting and exciting flavors a single origin cacao has to offer. We want the chocolate to be expressive of the terroir, the type of cacao, the weather, even the culture from where it is grown. Single origin chocolates are like character actors.



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