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About Us

Deesha Chocolates is an innovative and fast-growing chocolate company, offering a range of over 70 plus varieties of chocolates in India and various parts of the world. Starting its operation in 2012, Deesha today is recognized as one of the most creative and innovative chocolate-making companies as is evident by unique flavors, recopies, blends, products, and varieties of chocolates it has launched and been well-relished by its ever-growing customers. 

Crafted using the best West African cocoa beans that pass our stringent quality standards and sourced in a sustainable way with guaranteed food safety – Deesha chocolate offers both superior quality and taste. Flavorful, rich, melt-in-your-mouth tender comes from the carefully chosen ingredients and Deesha’s unique chocolate-crafting process and years of research and experience.   

Our Mission

To make World a little happier one Chocolate at a time !! 🙂

Deesha’s Difference

Indian Taste

Deesha takes proud in saying we are an India Chocolate company simply because we understand Indian taste better and the incredible India taste is so well taken care of in each of our products.


The original brightness, luster, texture, and taste can be savored only when the chocolate is freshly prepared. Unlike stored in shops, Deesha chocolates are freshly prepared using our just-in-time processes.


We have a dedicated R&D lab where our craftsmen work to manifest their imagination. And as results of this spirit, we have launched several innovative chocolates well-loved by our customers.  In fact, you will never find some of the Deesha’s crafted chocolates anywhere else.

Not just on the recopies we also relentlessly work on the processes – temperature, mixing, blending, cooling and more – that helps us create distinguished flavor, juiciness richness, and tenderness. 


Most of our customers regularly gift Deesha’s chocolates to their friends, families, clients, employees, and associates – what makes it more exciting is the exciting creative packaging.

Well, our creative team continuously to bring up the notch the designed packaging that would definitely make you and your guest smile and remember the token of love.

You would love to see the thrill and excitement when your loved ones unwrap the chocolates gifted to them in Deesha’s distinctive packages.