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Our Story

It was in the fall of 2000 (it might be May). It’s hard to remember the exact date. Well, I was on an official trip to Europe, heading Indian operation of a pharmaceutical giant then. I liked my job and loved traveling. And whenever I returned to India it was always with a bag full of chocolates. In fact, chocolates had been (most of the time) my staple diet while traveling overseas. One night while having dinner and finishing it with a chocolate I asked my wife where can we have these chocolates in India. Why is there so much of difference in taste? That’s when the lightning stroked my head. And my pharmaceutical R&D mind started to thunder. Ideas begin pouring. I started traveling and researching for the best ingredients, process, and techniques.Soon we ordered our first small packet of Cocoa from South Africa, Ghana, considered amongst the best in the world.

Curiosity and Innovation

With love of chocolate and entrepreneurial passion we relentlessly perused our journey to innovation and creating and well today we have over 70 different varieties of chocolates. Plus some of varieties will not be available elsewhere in the country.

Our quench for satisfying India palate better

We’re dedicated not just to make the best quality chocolate but to craft a taste that people love & remember for long. That gave us the inspiration for center filled chocolate (a rare breed). Hidden inside the thick dose of thick chocolate is a juicy, surprising flavorful outburst of fresh fruits, pulps, nuts, resins or 35 others distinctive filling for a chocolate lover. It was a big hit. Freshly made, to-be-consumed within 21-28 days, you won’t find them in your nearby grocery. It’s made to order.

A chocolate that hugs your mood, tickle & plays with it

You see our choice of music, food, clothes & traveling totally depends on what our Mood is. We’re happy, lonely, sad, erotic, romantic, playful, stressed or in a mood of the party. I knew if I could make such chocolate, I would be one of few in the country to do so. I deeply studied the chemistry behind each mood and picked up exact ingredients suited for each mood. Result? It rocked. Today we enjoy a huge list of private clients.

The first scene of the story

I knew each ingredient is like a raw note orchestrated to create a soothing music. Harvesting, Choice of Ingredients, Texture, Size, Temperature, Art of mixing, Art of cooling, Art of grinding, filling, packaging and everything in between can affect the richness, smoothness, and taste.I was nervous. I crafted the first batch. And we tasted our first creation. My expression was sort of Okay. But my wife was in awe. “That’s taste’s so good so Indian”, she shouted. Our obsession to understand Indian taste better, attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, tasty innovation, and dogged persistence – kept our spirit high.