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7 Best Gas Weed Eater

The PR28LD features a 28cc, 2 stroke engine with a straight shaft and 17″ cut path. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. These features make the Husqvarna trimmer ready to go anytime you need to keep your lawn free of unwanted grass and weeds. The engine and starter on the Husqvarna gas trimmers are designed to start quickly with minimum effort, thanks to their unique Smart Start function.

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There are tons of options when it comes to trimming your yard, but there aren’t too many brands that can compete with STIHL for outdoor power equipment. For about a hundred bucks less than our top-ranked models, you’ll get almost all of the same performance in this lightweight Hitachi model. On the other hand, if your lawn is small and lives in a populated area a corded model is the best. Electric models are not only great for maintaining a modest lawn but also have a silent operation, so you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Best String Trimmer For: Trimming Weeds, Mowing & Edging

This system tries to keep your line at just the right length by letting out a small amount (usually about ¼ inch) every time you stop and restart the trimmer. The line never gets too long, because a small blade chops off any excess line as it spins. First, we looked at reviews and customer feedback for the top-selling trimmers on the market.

These trimmers do not have a lead, so you’re not tied to a power outlet and you can enjoy superb performance with the power to make short work of your yard tasks. As there are many manufacturers on the market, offering some quality gas string trimmers, it can be challenging to make a selection of the tools to consider purchasing. So, how to narrow down your list to the one trimmer that will serve your needs effectively? For this purpose, I have prepared this section highlighting some of the important aspects to consider when selecting a gas string trimmer for your lawn.

Top Highly Rated Gas Weed Eaters:

Once the trigger is let go, the motor stops—so the battery is only in use while the trimmer is spinning. With gas trimmers, the engine runs constantly whether the trimmer is trimming or not. The 21.2cc two-stroke engine starts easily and roars through just about any height or thickness of weeds and grass with its 17-inch wide dual cutting lines. This baby outdistances all of the other string trimmers on our list. If you prefer having a gas powered string trimmer this model from Hitachi will not disappoint. The model comes with all the features you need to make your trimming and edging exercise simple.

gas grass trimmer reviews

The Ego trimmer has impressive power, ripping through all but the very toughest weeds. The other trimmers stopped cutting green leafy weeds when stalks got bigger than 0.45 inch, though the Ryobi trimmer often failed on anything bigger than 0.35 inch. They have a great price-power-weight ratio, but the cord is frustrating to work with.

I’d say you’d be able to start it, but I guess my main question is do you need a gas powered string trimmer? You could go for a battery or electric power unit if your yard isn’t too large? Unlike most of the other trimmers on the market, the Green Works comes with a quick-connect coupler which enables various attachment changes to be made on this model. It is powered by a 10amp motor which is capable of producing a great amount of power to deal with heavier overgrowths.

Toro’s “One-Step-Walk-Behind” edging allows you to easily switch from a trimmer to an edger in seconds. This is very convenient as you do both trimming and edging in a single cutting cycle. The 52-inch shaft length makes it easy for a medium to a taller person to use this electric trimmer.

When you need to use edger, simply push a button and turn the handle. It allows the seamless and trouble-free transition from the trimming to edging. The rust-free aluminum telescoping shaft provides safe trimming distance and allows you to reach at tight spots without bending. The high-quality lightweight shaft can withstand any stress while trimming.

Depending on which trimmer you want prices for weed eaters are going to vary. If your looking to buy the best weeder on the market you’ll have to be willing to spend more money. If your looking to spend between $40 to under $100 you’ll be looking at the electric models.

It is another trimmer equipped with a 2-stroke engine, this time sporting 26.9cc of displacement. It is a straight-shaft model which makes it great for getting to places which are harder to reach. The handle comes with a soft grip and the overall feel comes off as rather well balanced. Even though it is fitted with a 2-stroke engine, it has 28cc of displacement and is a rather powerful little thing.

Greenworks Pro 60V 25-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review PTR – Pro Tool Reviews

Greenworks Pro 60V 25-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review PTR.

Posted: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 19:47:58 GMT [source]

This is where the power rating of the electric string trimmer comes in. The corded electric string trimmer plugin to standard 120 Volts with varying current level depending on the power of the motor. If you’re looking for a high-performance heavy-duty cordless string trimmer with attachment capabilities, then Greenworks 40V trimmer will be the right fit. The high capacity battery delivers all the power you need to go through any type of gardening trimming needs. The string trimmer uses Dual 0.065” line and auto feeds the trim line. However, many users found the auto feed line to be hit and miss case.

Equipped with a 25cc 2-stroke engine, this tool can deliver highly optimized performance to you. For those who are looking for the best weed wacker that comes with a compact size which is ideal for precise edging, you can go wrong with this model. This ensures that you get a faster cutting speed, saving you a lot of time and energy. Another unique feature that comes with this model is the ergonomic and well-balanced design, weighing only 6.4 lbs.

If you’re mostly edging and you keep up with garden weeds so you never see half-inch stalks, then a 13-inch trimmer should do the job without extra weight or expense. Many professionals rely on two-stroke gas trimmers for all-day landscaping work, and they might be the right tool for your job. That said, the noise of a two-stroke gasoline engine requires hearing protectionand will likely disturb your family or neighbors if you like to do yard work in the morning. Some electric trimmers make a bit more noise than others, but none of them come even close to the loudness of a two-stroke engine. This is an edger for people who want straight, clean, well-defined edges.

Some report that the string feed feature doesn’t work well and the relatively thin 0.065-inch line breaks easily. Easy to handle and just the right size for small yards, with enough power for light jobs. The gas machines can be simply refilled if you run out of fuel, and there is no need to have an annoying lead getting in the way while you work. The gas machines are also more powerful and will give a much better long-lasting performance.

  • Any lawn mower will have a larger cutting path than a weed eater.
  • Whenever possible, go for weed wackers that support multiple attachments for the trimmer head.
  • Working without making any loud sounds, its engine is among the best.
  • When it comes to string trimmers, the power of the engine determines just how efficient the device will be at cutting grass and bushes.
  • The 128LD is actually an upgraded 128 trimmer I have mentioned in the Husqvarna trimmer reviews for the Occasional Use category.
  • It’s lightweight and maneuverable, and surprisingly easy to use.
  • Gas string trimmers are innately heavier than other types of weed eaters.
  • Thus, when holding it, you won’t struggle with inaccurate cuts and missed corners.
  • It also happens to be a great way to get outside and get a little fresh air – you’ll even get in a little exercise while you’re at it.
  • Honda are known for their reliability and this engine runs perfectly and is also quiet and very fuel efficient.

It comes with a rather strong engine and a very durable trimming string. It is among the lightest trimmers reviewed here and it is very easy to use and carry around. We totally dig the fact that its cutting width is 17 inches, which is the same as the much more expensive Husqvarna 128LD reviewed in the first section of this article. Last but not least, we have yet another 2-stroke engine gas trimmer. It has 21.5cc of displacement, but still delivers some good results.

Homelite 26cc Gas Powered 17 Inches Curved Weed, Eater

Also, once you finish trimming your garden, the gadget’s auto-return option will automatically reset it. The next moment you lift the device, you need to press the start button, and the tool will start running immediately. There is no waiting time so that you can save your fuel, thanks to this feature. The Husqvarna company always adds an air-removing system to all its tools to protect the carburetor.

They are lighter than most of the trimmers or grass cutting tools available on the market, today. Since they are so light, even the older children can use it to trim the lawn. In fact, the gas trimmers will help you teach your child to trim and cut the lawn in your garden. More than that, they are not equipped with so many parts that require repair and maintenance work. In simple terms, it is more economical to use than other string trimmers.

It is an efficient and reliable helper to keep your lawn, pathways and flower beds look neat and to cut dense grass brush for your yard lawn or garden. We recommend you take the following points into consideration to choose the best gas weed eater for your needs. Edging is important for some yards and not gas grass trimmer reviews every trimming machine offers it. Thanks to the straight shaft which allows you to edge the side of the yard pretty nicely. This is something that even some high-end models don’t offer. We love the fact that it has a straight shaft and that you can easily add any attachments you might want to use on it.

gas grass trimmer reviews

With a larger cutting head and cutting swath, you’ll be able to finish trimming your yard faster than you would with a smaller one. Unfortunately, there is a level of risk that comes with purchasing this model. The main appeal of the CRAFTSMAN WS205 is that it’s affordable. Also like our other top picks, the PR28SD can convert to an edger, cultivator, brush cutter, and other power tools with extra attachments. One is the “Tap ‘N Go” line release, which lets you release the trimmer line by simply tapping the cutting head against the grass. Loading a new line is easy, too, since the head has auto-feed.

The weed eater features a 2-cycle 28cc powerful engine along with a straight shaft for ease of use. It also includes an auto-return switch to reset after it being stopped automatically. Moreover, the straight shaft is removable for easy transportation and storage when its brush cutter is not in use. You can also attach various other attachments with the trimmer to make it a full tool garage. The Poulan Pro PR25CD is another interesting trimmer that eliminates the need to use a pull cord. Aside from being one of the most powerful machines out there, it is also one of the cheaper of the market.

gas grass trimmer reviews

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